I am too far in the future to worry about people who tried to destroy me. I’m going to let them destroy themselves.

CeCe McDonald / April 22, 2014 / The New School


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Laura Callaghan
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Loose Joints by Jonny Negron has arrived! Buy it here!  Shipping soon.  

Note to self: buy this after I move.
Andrew Archer
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I will have an undergraduate class, let’s say a young white male student, politically-correct, who will say: “I am only a bourgeois white male, I can’t speak.” … I say to them: “Why not develop a certain degree of rage against the history that has written such an abject script for you that you are silenced?” Then you begin to investigate what it is that silences you, rather than take this very determinist position-since my skin colour is this, since my sex is this, I cannot speak… From this position, then, I say you will of course not speak in the same way about the Third World material, but if you make it your task not only to learn what is going on there through language, through specific programmes of study, but also at the same time through a historical critique of your position as the investigating person, then you will have earned the right to criticize, you be heard. When you take the position of not doing your homework- “I will not criticize because of my accident of birth, the historical accident” - that is the much more pernicious position. Gayatri Spivak 

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Electronic Renaissance by Belle and Sebastian
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Donald Friend, “Dau”, oil on wood panel, 1947

Toronto’s been good to me and I don’t even live there yet

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Vera & Kyte Hernan Bas

Some dude on Facebook just publicly lost his shit over ‘Tumblr activists’ being intolerant of the use of the words “she-male” and “tranny” via a status update. I have never felt so compelled to immediately block and delete someone than right after reading his rant. The worst was the rallying of people to his side, with all of them being the most annoyingly privileged people that go to art school.

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