It’s no surprise that as a virgo, all my favorite people are virgos
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Japanese Publication: Nikkeidai Campus Guide. Motoi Shito. 2014
Toilet Paper Issue 9 Barthes be yearning
Torontisms like cortados and roti make it seem like I’ve always lived here
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But to reject any work because we feel that it does not reflect us in a shape that we can easily recognize—because it does not exempt us from the active exercise of imagination or the effortful summoning of empathy—is our own failure. It’s a failure that has been dispiritingly sanctioned by the rise of “relatable.” In creating a new word and embracing its self-involved implications, we have circumscribed our own critical capacities. The Scourge of “Relatability” - The New Yorker
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Learning patience through the process of seasoning that GODDAMN CAST-IRON SKILLET
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